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Herd health

We make your herd’s health our priority, and provide proactive veterinary care for beef and dairy cattle.

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Flock health

We have the knowledge and experience to help you improve your flock’s health and performance.

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Gamebird Health

A range of veterinary services are now available for game bird keepers.

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Welcome to Farm Veterinary Solutions

At FVS, we take a proactive approach to help you ensure the good health and performance of your dairy and beef cattle, sheep flocks and gamebirds.

Disease prevention is always the goal: it helps ensure animals can reach their performance potential, and is in the best interests of animal welfare. It’s also the best strategy for keeping medicine bills low!

We are happy to share our knowledge with you on-farm, and regularly hold technical meetings on topics such as foot-trimming, mastitis control and youngstock rearing. We can also provide practical training courses for you and your staff, on topics such as veterinary emergency treatments.

As a member of XLVets, we are part of a community of over 50 independently-owned and progressive practices. This gives us the opportunity to gain from the knowledge and skills in other vet practices and ensure we deliver high standards of veterinary care. And our farm clients benefit directly from competitive medicine costs.

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Latest News

A great turnout to our lambing workshops!

At the end of January, we held two lambing meetings - one at the Melton branch and one at Market Harborough.

Over 75 clients from across our branches attended the evening sessions and we hope it was beneficial to all of those who came.

The evening comprised of a presentation discussing key areas to focus upon in the run-up to lambing, lambing time itself, and essential post-lambing care. Afterwards, we gave a recap on various practical techniques, as well as discussing key equipment to have in your lambing box.

Basic Veterinary Emergency Training Day - CANCELLED

We will be holding a training day on how to deal with a range of emergencies and common veterinary procedures.

Topics include emergency situations like Downer cows, bloat, difficult calvings and prolapses. We will also show you how to correctly and safely carry out IV neck injections, take blood samples, pass stomach tubes, and where and how to place a Red Devil for bloat. 

This training day due to take place on Tuesday 6th March, has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions. 




Lean Management and Better Forage for Dairy Herds

You are warmly invited to a meeting given by the AHDB on: 

Dairy Lean Management and Better Forage

To be held on Wednesday 31st January at Scalford Hall Hotel in Melton Mowbray (LE14 4UB)

There will be 2 guest speakers on the day:

Cheshire dairy farmer and grasslands contractor Phil Asbury will talk about his experience of improving his business by using lean management.

Then Keith Davis, who farms in Gloucestershire, will explain how he has saved money in feed costs by adapting rotational grazing tactics for silage.


FVS Newsletters

Winter 2017/8 Newsletter

In our winter newsletter, there’s an update on new TB regulations and the new lower costs of the Interferon Gamma blood test. There’s information on Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) and its prevention by vaccination, and the benefits of using Fever Tags. And there’s advice on preventing Johne’s disease in sheep, and managing incidences of misalliance – when pregnancies occur in heifers which are too young.


Livestock Matters

Winter 2017/8

Click below for the latest edition of Livestock Matters


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