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  • Sheep lameness meeting for Smallholders’ Club
    posted on Thursday 14th June 2018

    Our Smallholders Club met at the end of May to discuss the topic of lameness in sheep. Kat Baxter, a Veterinary Adviser from MSD, along with our vet Rebecca Davenport, provided a very informative evening with a presentation on the different causes of lameness, how best to treat it, and ways in which lameness can be reduced in the flock.

    We also had a few sheep to examine, and demonstrations on basic handling techniques were given.

    The evening was kindly hosted by the McCourt Family, who provided a delicious BBQ and fantastic venue for the evening. Thank you very much to all those involved in the organising and we do hope members enjoyed the evening. If you are interested in joining the Smallholders Club, please contact the Melton Branch on 01664 567481.

  • Experienced TB Tester required
    posted on Wednesday 13th June 2018

    Experienced TB Tester required for our busy East Midlands practice

    We are an independent mixed practice with a good mix of both dairy and beef clients. We are seeking an experienced TB Tester to join our friendly team.

    Our stable team of 22 vets across all departments are very down-to-earth and willing to share their wealth of expertise to make you feel a valued member of the team.  

    We can offer you: a competitive salary, a generous CPD allowance, staff discount, a bonus scheme, and pension scheme. A company vehicle can also be provided if required.

    Interested? Please call Henry Dove for an informal chat on 07825 621733 or send CV to


  • A good time had at 'End of Spring' party!
    posted on Tuesday 24th April 2018

    On the 11th May we held our End of Spring Party at The Salers Barn, Barsby by kind permission of the Featherstone Family.

    We had hog and lamb roasts and were entertained by a live band. This gave us a great opportunity to meet clients, old and new.

    A great time was had by all......some more than others!!! We are already looking forward to the next one!



  • A great turnout to our lambing workshops!
    posted on Thursday 1st March 2018

    At the end of January, we held two lambing meetings - one at the Melton branch and one at Market Harborough.

    Over 75 clients from across our branches attended the evening sessions and we hope it was beneficial to all of those who came.

    The evening comprised of a presentation discussing key areas to focus upon in the run-up to lambing, lambing time itself, and essential post-lambing care. Afterwards, we gave a recap on various practical techniques, as well as discussing key equipment to have in your lambing box.

    We all enjoyed catching up with many clients and wish everyone a successful lambing season.

    If you have any concerns during the lambing period please contact the Melton Branch on 01664 567481 to discuss any queries with one of our vets.

  • Basic Veterinary Emergency Training Day - CANCELLED
    posted on Friday 23rd February 2018

    We will be holding a training day on how to deal with a range of emergencies and common veterinary procedures.

    Topics include emergency situations like Downer cows, bloat, difficult calvings and prolapses. We will also show you how to correctly and safely carry out IV neck injections, take blood samples, pass stomach tubes, and where and how to place a Red Devil for bloat. 

    This training day due to take place on Tuesday 6th March, has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the weather conditions. 




  • Lean Management and Better Forage for Dairy Herds
    posted on Monday 15th January 2018

    You are warmly invited to a meeting given by the AHDB on: 

    Dairy Lean Management and Better Forage

    To be held on Wednesday 31st January at Scalford Hall Hotel in Melton Mowbray (LE14 4UB)

    There will be 2 guest speakers on the day:

    Cheshire dairy farmer and grasslands contractor Phil Asbury will talk about his experience of improving his business by using lean management.

    Then Keith Davis, who farms in Gloucestershire, will explain how he has saved money in feed costs by adapting rotational grazing tactics for silage.

    The day starts at 10.30am and lunch will be provided.

    Please telephone the practice on 01664 567481 to reserve your seat.

  • Welland Valley Sheep Evening on 18th January
    posted on Monday 15th January 2018

    We are holding a Welland Valley Sheep evening on Thursday 18th January at 7pm at the Falcon Hotel in Uppingham (LE15 9PY).

    Come along and hear independent sheep consultant Lesley Stubbings present on 'Utilising ewe body condition to maximise performance', followed by ram breeder Jamie Wild on 'how using teaser rams can be cost-effecitve'.

    There will also be a panel discussion with Lesley, John Bland and FVS vet Mike Thorne. You can come and ask any questions of this panel of experts - for free!

    If you would like to attend - and have a drink, some food, and a good chat - then please let us know by emailing or calling/texting 07843 098761. 


  • 'Gamma testing' cost reduced
    posted on Wednesday 22nd November 2017

    The interferon-gamma test (IFNG or ‘gamma’ test for short) is a supplementary blood test used alongside the tuberculin skin test to maximise the probability of detecting TB-infected animals in herds affected by TB breakdowns.

    Since April 2016, IFNG has been available for use by private vets, and as of October 2017, the cost of privately funded interferon-gamma (IFNG) blood tests has been reduced.

    This will allow private vets, with prior APHA approval, to submit blood samples to the APHA laboratory at the owner’s expense and in a limited number of scenarios.

    Cattle which are eligible for private IFNG testing include the following:-

    • Supplementary pre- or post-movement testing of pedigree animals that are not subject to, or have passed, a compulsory skin test.

    • More sensitive TB screening of animals joining high-value herds, including pedigree bulls entering semen collection centres.

    • As a marketing tool to add value to herd/animals intended for sale.

    • Ad hoc testing following a negative routine or tracing skin test.

    • Rapid retesting of inconclusive skin test reactors where no government-funded IFNG blood test is planned.

    Cattle which are NOT eligible for private IFNG testing include the following:

    • Cattle from herds under TB restriction and undergoing government IFNG testing.

    • Skin test-positive (reactor) and other cattle awaiting slaughter for TB control purposes.

    • Animals in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland at the time of testing.

    • Herds under restrictions for overdue tuberculin skin tests.

    • Cattle that are under six months of age.

     Please contact the practice on 01664 567481 for more details.


  • TB Update: Inconclusive Reactors
    posted on Wednesday 22nd November 2017

    A new change in TB legislation, as from November 2017, is that all IRs (Inconclusive Reactors) in the High Risk Area (HRA) and Edge Area (and in TB breakdown herds in the Low Risk Area) that have a negative result on re-testing will be restricted for the rest of their life to the holding in which they were found.

    In other words they cannot be sold to anyone else and can only go direct to slaughter. The proviso is that if you do want to sell an IR animal it has to have a private gamma interferon test at the owner’s expense. If this is positive, the herd is deemed to be a reactor herd and placed under restriction until such time as it achieves two clear 60 day tests when restrictions will be lifted.